The Turtle

What can you learn from the life of a turtle?

Mike was out mowing one day and found a little Box Turtle in the yard just simply living his little life to the fulliest. Then he brought it inside for the girls to play with. Quickly his little life turned from joy to being investigated by little finger, poking, patting his shell, wiping the dirt off, and then of course the pats got a little harder. Next thing you know they have flipped  the little guy upside down trying to pry the shell open to make him come out. All the while I’m standing in the background making sure no real damage is being done. After they saw that he was not coming out; it became boring. It is certainly no fun if you can’t get him to run from you or get a rise out of him. Right? So off they went onto bigger things to destroy.

What can we learn? Isn’t that how the Devil does us? Oh, he’s found someone new to get at. He will turn us upside down, twist us around, tip us up on our backs just trying to do everything he can do to get us out from behind that Armor of God and make us run scared. All the while our master is standing by watching to make sure he really doesn’t hurt us. They enemy will eventurally get bored with you after a while and move into someone else he can get a rise out of.  We just have to be patient not to let him cause us to stumble.

I’m sure the little guy was scared … Aren’t we when the enemy is after us? But greater is he that is in us. Nothing can harm his little ones. Don’t you just love him?

May the Lord Bless you.
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