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It was just one of those days when all I wanted to do is crawl into bed and unwind and from the day troubles. The girls had already been tucked in for the night and the house was quiet. Instead of reaching for my bible and devotionals, I reached for the IPad to see what the latest report was on facebook. Then was off to surf a few videos on Youtube about past world events and various other things. Next thing I had found myself watching videos of some musicians that I enjoyed before becoming a Christian. It’s funny how music can have a memory attached to it, and my thoughts began wander. The sounds of their voices and the beauty of the instruments seemed so tranquil yet seductive. There was a part of me that felt drawn back to them and couldn’t help but ponder why I quit listening to them in the first place. In the moment of the enjoyment I looked over at the clock then realized that time had really gotten away. I then decided to put the IPad down on the nightstand and say a quick prayer before turning out the lights.

In my sleep, I was awoken suddenly from a terrifying nightmare that seemed so real that it took a moment to gain awareness of my actual surroundings. In the dream, I had found myself in an eerie house that felt spiritually cold. As I walked across the wooden floors in the hall I turned to the left and peered into a room that had an old radio setting on the floor unplugged right next to a door that was broken and propped against the wall. The atmosphere turned from calm to ghostly as I stared intently at the radio. It began to play strange music on its’ own that sounded hypnotic. Panic and fear rushed over me knowing it was impossible. I cried out in a loud voice for my husband and tried to run away but instead a strong force from the room began to yank against my body so hard that it knocked me off from my feet. Once I hit the floor it dragged me down the hall towards the room. In my efforts from being pulled in I dug my fingernails as far as I could into the walls. My nails ripped and screeched down the hallway leaving deep gashes and the sounds became piercing. I continued to scream louder for my husband to come, but it was as if he could not hear me. Then a tall man slim in stature and nicely dressed in an all black suit appeared with such a cunning smile. He held out his hand to pull me into safety of the room where he was standing. I found myself holding tightly to his legs as I caught my breath. I began gasping to tell him what had happened as he wrapped his arms around me to give assurance while he stroked his hands slowly through my long dark hair. Suddenly he began to laugh in such a crafty and deceptive tone. I looked upwards to see what he was laughing at and saw his eyes were fixed upon my husbands. As I watched the tears well up into my husbands’ eyes, I felt an overwhelming sense of shame as if I had been found guilty of adultery. “Oh my! This is not the case at all.” I explained. With burning anger in his heart, he turned away and ran out of the room down through the hall. I pushed away from the man to pursue after my husband but once again the force began to pull against me. Upon my struggle to enter into the living room where my husband sat with his head bowing down and hands over his eyes, I fell to the ground and pleaded with him with everything in me. I tried desperately to explain from the beginning what happened with the radio and how I had called for him to come help me. With great tears streaming down his face he reached for my hands and instead I grabbed his wrist and held on for my life. As he continued to listen intently with a seemingly understanding heart I asked “How could a radio play on it’s own while being unplugged?” Immediately after those words where spoken, I looked and his face and it had turned to terror. The very force that had such a hold on me manifested itself into flesh and stood behind me into a likeness of a fierce beast. The horror became thick as the darkness engulfed the room. All of my human senses became alive and the dream became a reality. I could literally feel that creature run his claws up my spine and grabbed me. With his super strength he tried pulling me from my husband’s hands but since we were clutched to one another so tight it was not able to break us apart. We were both terrified and knew it would be difficult to continue to hold on much longer, so I did the only thing I knew to do, and that was to bow my head and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. Over and over I cried out in a loud voice “Oh God save me, Lord Jesus help me, Lord Jesus!!!!!”  In a flash of a moment I could feel the hand of God come down into the room and rip me from the demons clutches. It was like glass shattering all through the room and with a great flash of lighting I awoke suddenly with fear and trembling and it took a moment to catch my breath as I lay there in euphoria. I was certain that this dream was of the Lord and in the silence a voice came into my heart and spoke “I am jealous for you.” What a moment of reflection it was and thoughts of what this all meant made me search my heart for the cause and deeper spiritual meanings.

I realized that by choosing to be entertained by the vanity and the delusions of the past that the Lord had delivered me from was trying to carry me away. The house represents our minds that we can choose to fill with either good or evil. When the tempter entered in, he began to defile and I found myself being pulled through a door that was broken. The force had such power that it could not be fought against alone. The radio was symbolic to my IPad and the man who seemed so kind was the very accuser who I found myself in the arms of. He would love nothing more than to deceive me into thinking he cares while all the while he is laughing at the pain he brings to those who loved me most.

We must all be careful and on guard of how the enemy will attack us. He will find every way he can through our senses to enter into our minds, even if he has to use something beautiful. There is a deeper meaning beyond the music I listened to that we could all be applied to each of our lives. How many times do we find ourselves watching late night television with subliminal messages or viewing things in secret that no ones knows about? Hocat-vibrancew about sharing personal thoughts with someone other than our spouse? Or perhaps it is the struggle with substance abuse? These are only mild examples. But before long when the enemy has entered into our minds he begins to reap havoc then weakens the soul. He’ll pull us away from the ones who love us the most. His goal is then to begin to destroy our homes, marriages, kids lives, our jobs, and eventually it could lead us to take our own life.

Have you ever had a spouse or love one hold to you with all of their might when the chains of darkness had taken a hold of you? Whether you or I even realize it or not, we are all spiritual beings and what we feed our souls on will only make what is on the inside of us stronger, whether that be good or evil. In the instance of my dream, I found myself feeding a seemingly innocent creature that later turned on me and became a beast that was too powerful to be defeated alone. The only thing I knew to do was call upon the name of the Lord Jesus since i knew he hears the cries of his children. With a great flash into that darkest moment of my life he reached with his mighty hand of love and snatched me from the clutches of the enemy. I was pulled out of he horror and into the safe keeping of his arms. He spoke to my heart and told me things hidden within. He wants to be first in my life for my own protection and guards me against the evil tactics the enemy uses to destroy what belongs to him.

Maybe you have fed a beast in your own life that has now turned against you. If it has become too much to control on your own then just remember this, you can call upon the name of the Lord and he will bring deliverance to you from your nightmare.

Missy Weyenberg



A group of us Christians were gathered together in a bible study and the question came up as to what were some of the idols are in our life. There were many wonderful answers around the room that got us to thinking deeper. I always felt like my idol was the iPhone. But a few hours later after the class had been dismissed the question still was rattling around in my head and I came to the conclusion my idol was really “image”. Not the kind of image of how pretty we can make ourselves look but the image we create for others to believe when in reality we are something else. I want to be loved and accepted and to even appear to live perfect without stumbling but not at the cost of hindering my faith. The truth is I fail daily.


Everyone has a battleground that the enemy will meet us on. There is something that I have battled for a long time over and over that the enemy will not let go. He continues to try different tactics to cause further weakening. Call it “sin” call it whatever but yes it is a battle that the enemy finally gained enough ground to make it that much harder to overcome. I had prayed about it many times and even prayed as I fell into his trap. Does is matter what I did? No. Many people would say “Oh, that’s nothing, why would that be so bad?” But to me it was a big deal just as much as it would have been a big deal for the early Christians to eat the meat that had been previously offered as sacrifices. And then to make it worse it happened right before leaving for church. But you know what? I’m not happy about the failure but am thankful for the great lesson to be learned and blessing the Lord had for me.


On the way to church the enemy was doing the victory dance and having his great jubilee of screaming and laughing in my head of the failure. As the tears were streaming down my cheeks and thoughts running through my head on how I brought shame to the Lord. I prayed for forgiveness but the enemy challenged that as well and continued to recall it to memory over and over. No matter what, I was still going to church and serve him in spite of it all. When I walked into that door the overwhelming presence of love, grace and mercy called out from the cross. The songs they sang took on a deeper meaning to me and healing began. The bleeding lamb set before us to be offered so that we can be made alive and whole again. Power from God Almighty was there and in his presence he offered forgiveness and reconciliation. Deep love from Christ the Lord reached down and spoke from his word “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.” Even though that will be another battle for us to replay our sins over again and again in our minds we must gain the victory that God does not even remember it and has cast it away as far as the east is from the west. He has already won the battle for us.


So for my life I want for my idol to be the “Image” of Christ Jesus. To be filled with his holy spirit, to bear the fruits of his love, peace, joy, longsuffering, being tender hearted to others and forgiving them just as Christ has forgiven me. Good godly and well-meaning people put so much pressure on each other to have a perfect walk with the Lord that we begin to live for each other instead of living for God. That is a living image or an “Idol” or my “sin” rather that I create for others and make them into the idol I worship instead of what we should do is live for God and be servants to each other.

God bless you all.

Missy Weyenberg


Boo Devil!!!!!

Crud, I’m trying to write and about 50 things start to go wrong . I figure it’s something that the enemy does not want anyone to hear about so he decides to hinder me so that I’ll give up. Typical to say the least.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday our family had a wonderful time getting together for our very large family feast. It was a wonderful time of thanks and sharing fun stories of old times. We did our family portrait that has grown in larger numbers every year. What a wonderful time of making lifelong memories with the people I love the most.

Something happened that really got me to thinking  a little deeper… and you all know that I can be a very deep thinker. (lol) Now you must understand that I’m not trying to pick one person out because this did not happen with one person but several and not the first time that I have encountered this before with many different people. Let’s say “This ain’t my first rodeo” so to speak.

When we are all setting down together sharing laughs and playing on our smart phones having a great time, I asked one of my sweet friends if I could look at some of their pictures of their kids that they have one their phone. No big deal right? The response is usually followed by “Sure if I can monitor which pictures you look at.” Is there something on their phone I do not need to see? Then their whole face changes and the squirm and nervousness begins to take hold.  “Well Missy I just know you’re a Christian and I don’t want you to see any of the bad things that my other friends have sent me as a joke.” Hmmmmmm, isn’t that how is usually is that our other friends would sent us stuff but we would never… and I mean never have that on our phones unless someone was just was sending it as a joke. Right?

Now first off I must asked “what does it really matter what I personally think in the first place?” Of course I’m not trying to be nosey or pry into some ones personal life to begin the judging process. That is not my place nor ever will be. But, I have to say what a wonderful compliment that people view me as such and sees something in my character that would somehow convict them of their wrong doing. It is an honor to be identified as such and I’m very thankful for that but this truly is not about me or how I think or what I may say. But this really gets me to thinking how we all lack the accountability of other. Today with the vast availability of smart phones we are able to view anything we want to in the privacy of our house, cars, office, etc. without anyone knowing. The problem is we are so attached to our phones that we even sleep with it next to our beds. We are the only ones who have it all to ourselves without having to worry about anyone ever picking it up just to see what we are viewing. This became such a problem with home computers that many families choose to keep it in complete view for all to see. But the phone is a more powerful tool than a regular desktop would ever be and can be kept in your pocket. You can get on the internet in you bathroom at work!

But getting back to heart. We all need someone for an accountability partner. Whether we want to dwell on it or not some day we all will stand before the most Holy Lord God and he will ultimately judge us for our good works and bad. He is the one that we need to worry about. It is not “I” or your friends or even your accountability partner because in the end we are all standing there together. And when he says to you….”My child, let me look into the photos and scenes of your life to see what you have been doing…..” It will not be a time to squirm or get nervous and say to the Lord “Hold on Lord… Let me delete something because I am to ashamed for you to see me for what I have been doing……” It is high time friends for each one of us to clean up the closets of our lives.

When your standing alone with God and he asked you that question your responds needs to be “Lord, I have done my best but you know that is not good enough. I have failed you many times and been tempted by the lust of the world. Lord, I could never make it on my own but while I was on Earth I surrendered to the cross and on my knees of knowing that I could never be good enough i looked to your son hanging there.  He was innocent but he took my place and I asked that he apply the blood he spilled out for my life. Lord, don’t look at my life but look at his for he took my place.”

We all need each other for accountability. And as the Christmas Holiday is upon us, let us remember that there was a savior that was born into the world was perfect and humble in every way and he so graciously took that punishment for each one of which we would have deserved.

May the Lord Bless your heart this season.

Missy Weyenberg