Bee encouraged

My husband is in the military and over the years we have moved many times. There are so many restrictions on the different rental property that we have lived in as far as what you can do to fix them up. The current house we live in is an exception since our landlord has allowed us to paint and make minor improvements. It really has begun to feel more like a home.

I’ve worked for about a week on painting one of the bedrooms for my daughter Allison. She asked that I paint the walls Navy Blue since that is her favorite color. It has certainly been a challenge for me to work with a darker color because of the having to make several applications and not to mention it is just messy to work with. I was hoping to finish it all in one day but there were still three walls that remained that needed an additional application but I only had just a little bit of paint in the bottom of the can. I thought about it for a minute whether I should go and buy another gallon or not. So before moving forward, I began to pray about it asking God if He would multiply the paint so the job could be completed. I thanked Him in advance for answering my prayer and by faith I poured all that was in the can out into the paint tray. Just by looking at it and if I had to make a guess, I would say it appeared that there was just a little less than two cups of paint. I began to apply the paint to the walls. He really does care about the little things I know because I was able to finish all three walls and still had extra paint remaining in the can. I was so overjoyed that I couldn’t wait to start telling others what The Lord had done for me.

So after I shared my testimony with a few friends, the enemy began to go on attack to try to ruin the blessing. He seems to do that only to discourage the believer and he certainly can’t stand the mention of name of Jesus. I’ve heard it often said that is how you know you’re on the right path if he is attacking you so much. He still hasn’t got you.

Anyhow, I was finishing up the trim work around the edges and had opened up the window for fresh air to come in. All of sudden there comes flying in a huge bee acting so aggressive. I knew if he ever stung me it would hurt badly. We had a gentleman down here in the south that recently died from an attack. With that fear in my mind it certainly got my attention. While the bee was darting all around the room, I began to run outside the bedroom door to safety. I had heard the story of Brother Branham encountering hornets before but I just couldn’t get my faith up because I was so scared. My heart wanted him to fly back out the window but it appeared that he was there to stay. So I went into the other room and got the hornet spray. When I came back he had landed on the floor. As I came into the room I aimed and began to spay right at him. Well, he went crazy flying around the room and so did I. In the chaos I didn’t realize where I was aiming and it was going all over my freshly painted walls. The bee finally flew back out the window and I was truly so thankful for that. I was worried that he would come back and maybe bring a few of his friends because they sometimes will give off a scent and other bees will then follow on attack. Knowing that I quickly ran over to close the window.

After things began to settle, I looked around the room and my heart sank when I saw that the fresh paint begin to drip down the walls onto the floor. I felt so discouraged that the enemy would send such fiery darts like that to ruin all the hard work and especially the blessing I got from the answered prayer. But the still small voice spoke to my heart and encouraged me that there was more blessings to come and for me to take heart because there was plenty of paint left over to do any touch ups that needed to be done. I was so thankful for that. It blessed me more just knowing that God knew that this sort of thing would happen. It really helped my faith. I hear many believers say you always plan extra just for the enemy when he tries to pull something over on us to ruin our day.

I also learned something else that day that the Lord wanted to teach me. It was about the bee that had flown in the window. I saw a man who cuts our grass take a small rag and capture a bee like this and remembered that it flew out of his hands trying to get away from him. He then captured it again and let it outside. I thought what bravery that took him to do that and was surprised it did not sting him. Later after a little research I discovered the bee was a total impostor! Even though he resembled an aggressive hornet the evidence had revealed he nothing more than a “yellow jacket hover fly” or “good news bee.” They don’t even have stingers.

Then it all began to make sense in that moment. The old devil will try to disguise himself into something really mean and scary to get believers all worked up and cause them all kinds of unnecessary messes. We then miss out of the joy of the miracles that God blesses us with. That still small voice spoke to my heart again and reminded me that the enemy’s stinger was taken away from him at Calvary.

Bee encouraged dear friends!

God bless you.

Missy Weyenberg


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