Touch from his Hand

Mondays are always the crazy days especially after taking an out of town weekend get-away. This morning for myself the girls were late getting up and our bags were still unpacked. It became total chaos trying to find shoes and get lunches ready and by the time I dropped them off my stomach was in knots and my nerves were shattered.


I think in those rushed moments is when the enemy moves in to get everyone upset. So after I dropped Andrea off and got back into my van in the peace and quite I could feel The Lord drawing my heart to him in prayer. Sometime when I get that nervous or upset I just don’t know what to say to him much less express how I’m feeling because usually the enemy is right there reminding me of how bad my attitude was previously and how unworthy I am. I tend to start my prayer with all the failures and how everyone else has a much easier cross to carry than I. “Well, if I was her then…. Well, if I had it this way then…” typical things I believe most Christians can honestly say for themselves as well. There is something about that measuring rod that bothers me so I begin to talk it over with The Lord and wanted him to speak to my heart and show me the love that I needed to feel from him even in my shortcomings.


After I arrived back home I could see my little dog happily waiting for me in the front yard and the two cats getting up stretching their legs. I got out of the van and stopped for a moment on the bench to give them a little attention. I started with my big cat “Boo-Boo” then over to loud mouth kitty “Siren” all the while my little dog “Biscuit” who was the most happiest to see me was begging for a little rub. It was so cute to see how they all wanted just a touch from of my hand. Next thing you know they get jealous of each other and “Boo-Boo” who could care less when I came home reaches over reaches over and slaps at Biscuit. I told him “Now, why did you do that? There is enough of me to go around and I love him just the same as you.” Then it hit me that God was speaking to my heart and showing me a valuable lesson.


Each of us no matter what we look like, who we are, where we come from, we all have our own story and we all desire to be loved and touched by the hand of God. There is no bigger “I” or little “you” because his word tells us that he is not a respecter of persons. We are all baptized into the body of Christ and there is certainly enough of him to go around. He knows what each of us needs and even though we can get a little jealous of each other we are still are part of his family and he loves and forgives us just the same.


God Bless You,


In him,


Missy Weyenberg



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