The Faith of a Child

It never ceases to amaze me the simple life lessons we can learn from our children. My life lesson came over the weekend while visiting our family in Arkansas. My mother has a dear friend “Sue” that she has worked with for many years. We have grown to know her family as one of ours. Sue has recently had many trials come her way with the recent and unexpected death of her husband “Jerry” during a surgery. These last few months have been very difficult for her to move forward as it would be for anyone with such a loss of someone they have loved.


Each time while visiting home it was always a joy for us to see Sue and Jerry when they would come watch our girls play. But this week would hold something new for when the visit came it was only Sue. Naturally my daughter Allison began to inquire where Mr. Jerry was and why did he not come to see her. Then Sue with tears started to explain that he had to go home to be with Jesus. For a six year old I believe they can understand more about death than we realize even though it is not something I have personally taught a lot about. Then Sue continued to explain in a gentle voice to Allison how she was very sad that Jerry had to leave and then asked if Allison would remember her in prayer sometime when she prayed at night. 


All of a sudden Allison said “Ok!” Then at that very moment instead of waiting she laid her hands upon Sue and began to pray a sweet prayer of faith for her. She asked the Lord for healing and that he would bring Mr. Jerry back to her so that she would be happy again. I can’t remember all the full details of that loving prayer but knew the Lord was listening and my heart became filled with joy. I believe we can all say her actions came as a shock and actually convicting.  How wonderful that through the simple faith of a child so much healing would take place in that moment. I believe the hand of the Lord has reached down and touched this sweet lady to bring her peace that she will remember for a lifetime.


There are several things that I can take from this and apply to my own life. Instead of me putting people in need on a prayer list why not just stop for a moment and give them that precious time. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe the power of healing and this situation reminds me of a quote of Brother Branham that I hold dear to my own heart “And we believe that doctors help people. I believe that God heals by medicine. God heals by surgery. God heals by understanding. God heals by love. Just a little love goes a long way. Let somebody be all upset, and just show them you care for them. See? God heals by love. God heals by prayer. God heals by miracles. God heals by His Word. God heals! Whatever source it is, God heals by it. It’s God that heals, for He said, “I’m the Lord that healeth all thy diseases.”


Let us all take away from this simple act from a child the love that we can share with each other to bring that healing about to all. 


God Bless you.


Missy Weyenberg


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