Archive | May 11, 2013

Well Done




Let the Word do the talking while your life does the walking.

The Word can be hard to swallow but it’s your job to follow.

You must hold on with all your might to keep standing in the light.

Those trials can really bite but the reward is eternal life.

Sometimes we get put in the fiery furnace just so that God can really change us. 

He gave his life to others so we could be good to one another.

If you really want to live just turn and start to give.

Those battles where meant to build though it feels like they’re going to kill.

Don’t ever leave him neglected or you surely will get corrected.

You can really make a stand by holding to Gods unchanging hand.

We can’t put our trust in man because his life is made of sand.

Take heed to what your taught so your life can be the salt.

We need to make amends to we don’t fall into sin.

We must love one another because it’s pleasing to the Father.

He put his son on a cross to bleed because he knew of our great need.

It’s because of his great love he came down from up above.

He opened up the heavens so we could feast upon his leaven.

But what a thrill after the victory is won and we he says to us “Well Done.”

By: Missy Weyenberg