Motives… What are our motives? This last past Sunday the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about my own motives for sharing Christ with others. We can all examine our motives towards others in our lives whether we are Christian or not.


By now, those of you that know me can see that I have a passion for writing. Often times the one that I’m writing to is myself and it is an expression of my inner thoughts that is projected to others that enables me to work through my own issues. But it is also a gift the Lord has given me that he chooses to be used for his purposes and he can take it away as he pleases.


I can’t help but talk about him. About two years ago he began a work in my life but before surrendering to him I already appeared to be Christian to others but my heart was very far from him. I loved the things of the world and wanted more of it than him. Then one day a great preacher told me “Sister you can fool the world but you can’t fool God.” It was like the Lord looked at my heart and tore it apart in pieces to reveal foolishness. For 12 days I wrestled with him and could just barely eat. I honestly never thought that I would ever truly serve the Lord and could not understand why he would want to call someone like myself in the first place.


What are my motives toward writing often to you about the Lord? God help me that it has nothing to do with myself. If he uses my words to encourage you …give Him Praise. If he uses something I write that may answer a question or help you grow in your daily walk…give him Praise. Don’t think that of my life as being something more spectacular than what it is or think that I have all the right words to lift everyone up. It’s not me…it’s all him. I don’t possess some kind of super faith. The only thing that is super in my life is the “Grace of God.” Trust me when I tell you that my life is a daily struggle of having to die to SELF. When we can get our “Self” out of the way then “He” is able to move in.


Sure, I appreciate the many sweet comments that people will write. Being accepted, loved and adored is what we all seek. We’re human and it is not about you or me for that matter. I would rather see someone giving all the glory to the Lord than to say anything nice back to me.


We need be thankful for the pastors in this day that are not afraid to preach the true gospel. Would you much rather find yourself sitting in a church service getting a little uncomfortable with how your life was being examined and being under conviction rather than to leave feeling good about yourself and knowing deep down your life was not on really on the right path? I would hope so for myself.


What are my motives? I want to live a life that glorifies God and let this life tell others of his wonderful love. What are yours?

 “Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31


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