There was a group of us talking about our parents and some funny things about our childhood. One fellow jokingly told us about when he went away to college how much his mother learned while he was away. We all had good a good laugh. Is that not the truth? When we are growing as a child we think they are God but as teens we would rather deny their very existence and do things our way. 
Lately I have been very blessed by being able to use the talent The Lord has given me to serve others with my piano music. It was very astounding of how many people would come up to me in response of how it blessed their soul. One lady in particular came to me and was inquiring of which university that I studied at for music. I could not help but laugh and tell her respectfully ‘a little elderly lady took me in for $5.00 a lesson and made me sit there for an hour every lesson writing tons of music notes while her and my dad talked about the days gone by when they were young.” I would often refer to it as the hour of torture, and of course that began to make me recall all the crazy memories of how dad stood over me and critiqued every song. He often threatened to record my whining and play it back to the teacher. Let me tell you that if that happened to a kid these days at piano lessons…… Let’s put it this way ‘they would never make it!!!!’ Dad would always remind me of how someday I would thank him and tell him how much I appreciated his effort….. Yeah right dad…. sure I will.
Over the weekend Mike and I decided to come home for a quick visit to see our folks and to take care of a few other things. We have had the best time here with everyone and really don’t want to leave. I thought back to the fellow who was talking about his mother and how much she learned while he was away and then realized it took me returning home several times plus many years to see that mom and dad really are smart. Daddy is 85 years old and still going strong and it truly was a thrill to get to tell him about the sweet lady inquiring of which music school I studied at. Of course that only made him stick out his chest and say “See, I told you so.” I’m sure he took it a little far and wanted to be overly thanked and had to remind me of a few memories that I wasn’t interested in re-living. However after his fun with me he did get the appreciation he had been waiting for 30 years later. Most don’t have their parents at this age but I thank God that he has allowed me to have this time with mine and would not trade it for anything in the world. If they had not been hard on me then it is for certain that I would have never been living the life that I’m privileged to live for others.
God Bless You. 
Missy Weyenberg


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