Facebook Fantasy Land

There once was a plate and it had a lot on it. There once was a cup and it runneth over. I can’t imagine a time more busy in my life than it is right now. This move and our new life transition to a new duty station is over whelming. There has never been a time that I can recall when my husband and I could not make solid decisions. It has become the testing ground of our faith. There is no real right or wrong answer for doing the right thing whether it be to find a great home for one of our dearly beloved pets or to sell one of our cars. I’m certain at this point that some people are starting to think that we have truly lost our minds… me especially and that we are to be avoided completely. Which has started to happen. (lol) In all this chaos we have the option to escape to the face-book fantasy land right? Have you ever heard of “gotta find a happy place?” Where do we go to escape?

I think of face book as being the fantasy land of where everyone escapes for a small time to see where everyone else is living it up besides them. I am guilty of it time after time. It is the place where you can find others posting religious remarks only to show their own self righteousness or seeing people breaking up. I have seen more families break up over the years and unfortunately face-book is the place to find out if one of your love ones have died or is having a major surgery. It’s the truth. It’s horrible to say but that is where I first learned of my best friends passing. This seems to be the place where we all gravitate just to say we are “keeping in touch.” I for one don’t think I could live without it anymore or I would feel as if thought I’m out of the loop. In reality the virtual world is really real. We have all these friends, mentors, pastors, doctors, or who ever at our fingertips to socialize with and to be certainly influenced by. Some of the people I now know are famous actors and singers. It is just weird to “chat” with them. It seems to be the place where everyone cares and certainly acts like they are interested in our latest drama that has happened. It is a place where we can either be “liked” or if we are rejected they are still stick around just to see what crazy thing we say next. Let’s face it we all are interested in what the other person is doing because it makes us feel better about drowning in our own situations. Or perhaps it may help. Maybe my outlook is different.

I love the virtual world because in reality it is more truthful than being in person with someone. People are more likely to tell you what they really think because we are all hiding behind a mask of a keypad. You can say whatever is on your mind and not even have to see persons reaction. This is probably not healthy. Even if they we do complain they have an option to “delete us.” It is like one giant easy button. Hey, someone makes you mad “delete,” someone offends you “well, I’ll hide that person” someone stalking you “I’ll block him!” need financial advice… just become friends with a bank… What the heck……(lol) I mean really, its like we have total control over our life in some kind of strange virtual way. Forget counselors… just ask your 485 friends!!! It is even a place where people go to meet others and fall in love.

I have even heard missionaries say that even though they are thousands of miles away they still are chatting with their family back home while that person is walking around in a mall eating at McDonald’s. Its like we are not away from each other at all.It is a fantasy land that truly has great effects on our life and our emotions. I personally would not know what I would have done without all my friends and supporters that I had while going though my daughters diagnosis. We can laugh, cry, get advice, be ministered to, prayed for, lifted up, torn down, blocked, be-friended, loved, stalked, be hidden from someones timeline, all the while never moving from our seats. And even though we have never moved we are so greatly effected in so many aspects. We even value the advice of someone we never met or have not talked to in years and have no idea what they are really like in their world.

I’ll leave you with this… Is it really a fantasy land at all or is it the true reality of our lives?

Happy Chatting!

Missy Weyenberg


3 thoughts on “Facebook Fantasy Land

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  2. Hey Missy! So nice to read a blog post from you again! This was a very thought provoking post… and reminded me again why I left FB. The imaginary friends, or I-friends if you will, had become so real and demanding (because I was constantly escaping reality and going to them) that I realized I didn’t have time to get together with my reality friends! I love you and praise God that He brought you into my life!

    • It may very well be true but I still love to log and and take a break from real life. lol. I’m so blessed to know you to sister. It will be wonderful there when we can all to be together with him. That is the true reality. Love you. Missy

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