Loving when you’re tired

So often times I hear housewifes complain of the burden they have doing all the laundry, bills, housework, taking care of the kids, maintaing the cars. These are just a few examples of many things we do as women. For some this is a joy while others feel over worked and unappreciated. Often times I see that they become bogged down, tired, and they sound more like a clanging symbor or “Nag” than a complete joy to be around.
Of course our families want for a clean house and a good cooked meal. But not at the cost of an unhappy housewife. You hear the term “When momma’s not happy, nobody is happy”. Just take a moment and look at it from a different perspective. Your husband is to be your best friend. You should want to serve him as he serves you. For he too is working to bring home the money so that you can enjoy some of the things you have. Also at his work he is competeing for respect from peers and he doesn’t need to come home and compete too and hear what a failure he is for not taking out the trash.
To be loved and respected is to also give love and respect. He depends on you just as much as you depend on him just in diffent ways. Often times their confidience and well being spawns from having a good help mate at home. So do yourself a favor and smile the next time he walks in. Give him a hug and thank him for being a provider, even if it is not much at least he is trying. Show some love even if you don’t feel it. Because love is a committment and is not feeling that we can sometimes be decieved by. Love is a servants heart and love bitter.
Do everything for the glory of the Lord because by serving our families we are serving God and he sees what is in secret and is a rewarder of good works.
May the Lord bless you and your family.
Missy Weyenberg

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